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The name of a popular video game series developed by the company called Capcom, and the main character after whom the game is named. Originally started by Capcom, the game's main character is a small, blue robot boy weilding an energy gun on either hand. (Though he is only known to use one hand at any given time.) Originally, this character started out as a lab assistant built by a man named Dr. Light, but after an evil Scientst named Dr. Wily attempted to conquer the world with six Robot Masters, Rock volunteered to be transformed into a fighting machine to save the world. The MegaMan series has grown into an impressively large collection of games, several spin-off series, and many, many side games.

It's also important to note that the MegaMan series started in Japan under the name "RockMan". It was later dubbed into "MegaMan" When it was translated, and brought to other nations, especially the United States.
1. MegaMan is a great game series! I'm the ultimate fan!

2. Fight, MegaMan... for everlasting peace!
by Dray84 January 21, 2005
1. A feild in which one posesses, or thinks he/she posesses, great experience.

2. A video game character. Known under his American name, "Bass", (pronounced "Base") Forte was created by Dr. Wily to deal with RockMan, known by HIS American name, MegaMan. Forte is a brash and arrogant Robot who deems himself the strongest of all, and is utterly obsessed with defeating MegaMan to prove it. Though he appeared late in the series, Forte has become one of the most popular characters in the MegaMan series, eventually becoming a playable character, and making cameo appearances in other spin-off series, such as Battle-Network.
1. Destruction is my Forte.

2. "Oh, crap! It's Forte!!!"
by Dray84 January 22, 2005
Used to defined any of the 6 to 8 villians that MegaMan faces in the video game series with the same name made by Capcom Robot Masters were originally intended to help humans with tasks or jobs that were too difficult or dangerous for humans to accomplish. Later, the term was re-defined after Dr. Wily started his campaign for world domination. Robot Masters always have a special power that MegaMan can take from them and use against other Robot Masters, Also, all Robot Masters have names consisting of one word, and "Man" tagged on the end. Thus, GutsMan, DrillMan, and so-forth.
"8 new Robot Masters have appeared to challenge MegaMan!"
by Dray84 January 21, 2005
One of the first original 6 Robot Masters that appeared in the very first MegaMan game. CutMan is numbered Dr. Light #003, and was built to be a logging robot. He posesses a pair of scissor-blades atop his head which he can hurl at the opponent to slice them. The blades act as a boomerang and return to the user shortly after. Though an expert with sharp objects, CutMan posesses a relatively flimsy framework, meaning that heavy, crushing objects will hurt him... A LOT.
1. CutMan is a very popular character, he has re-appeared in later additions to the classic series, and as a cameo, or character in other spinoff games.
by Dray84 January 22, 2005
Something that World Leaders, Head BusinessMen, and the token Mad Scientists constantly struggle to acheive. Often resulting in epic battles wherein such goals are soundly defeated, and the world is once again saved.

"That nut! He's really out for World Domination!"
by Dray84 January 21, 2005
Another creation of Dr. Wily. According to the MegaMan-8 instruction manual, AstroMan was built to hypnotize the planetarium viewers. He was later modified into a fighting machine. Numbered as DrW-#058, AstroMan is, perhaps, the only Robot Master built that doesn't look like a human wearing battle-armor. AstroMan posesses the ability to dive in and out of dimensional rifts, and summon down swarms of meteors on his opponents. He also has two smaller "satellite" orbs orbiting him to provide cover fire. He appears to be weak against weapons that can seek him out. Though he has many powerful attacks, his meek and cowardly nature prevents him from fighting properly, resulting in mostly hit-and-run tactics.
AstroMan stars in two games throughout the series. His first appearance was in MegaMan-8, where he was weak against the Homing Sniper. (It's also neat to point out that using the Flash Bomb while he's dissappeared will reveal his location.)

He was revived by King in "MegaMan and Bass", (Which is more popularly known by it's Japanese name, RockMan and Forte.) where he gained the ability to create duplicate holograms of himself with the ability to attack on their own. In this game, he takes extra damage from the "Magic Card", though there isn't any plausible reason as to why.
by Dray84 January 22, 2005
Used to describe anything fondly interesting and deserving of respect.
1. "Man, that guy is so cool!"

2. "Did you see what that guy did!? That was cool!"

Also, see Jazz.EXE.
by Dray84 January 21, 2005

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