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1. I agree.
2. Microsoft Word, a program used to...type things.
3. A couple letters bunched up together which make sense to us humans.
1. "Dayum, that was tight."
2. "Uhh...I've gotta type an essay. I'll go use Microsoft Word!"
^Lol. I couldn't think of anything...
3. "Word. W-O-R-D. Word."
by Personatalie December 05, 2007
Definition 1:

To agree.

"Word" comes from the english saying "my word" which in turn comes from "I give you my word". Meaning that a statement is right and you would be willing to put your honor on the line to back it up.

Definition 2:

To question.

Once again, this comes from "my word". When one says "word" as if asking a question, he or she is asking if the person that made the statement would swear to it.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Man having chapped lips is annoying."
Person 2: "Word." (meaning I agree and I would swear to it)

Example 2:

person 1: "I had corn for dinner last night!"
Person 2: "Word?!" (meaing would you swear by it)
by Vladk December 06, 2005
the wayyy shortened slang term of agreeing with someone. I concur with him/her.
person 1: Not everyone in this pad is a biznatch.
person2: word.
by HAPPYbingnatural July 04, 2005
-Another term for "for real?"
-used to express agreement
-showing a person that you're listening to what they're saying
-a way of saying "seriously? Wow"
Yasmine: hey, ya boys from up the street was fighting today
Will: word?
Yasmine: yup! The cops came and everything!
by LinaBeana June 10, 2010
a statement of indifference
Proper Usage-

1) After any sentence

2) After any statement of any kind (i.e. angry statement, statement of love...)

3) Just about anywhere you feel like putting it.

4) Don't abuse the power of word. Use it properly. And randomly.

ex: Person 1: What did you do last night?
Person 2: Went to the movies. word.

Improper Usage-
ex: Person 1: What did you do last night?
word. Went to the word movies. word word.
by hurry October 18, 2006
The ambassadors of the soul.
Words are reflections of the inner workings of ourselves.
by zappz88 June 24, 2013
The only word in justin timberlake's vocabulary
JT said - "Word" to describe his new car
by sunnythechavhater October 22, 2006