Poetic genius, always making others smile. If I were'nt lesbian I'd want him.
Woosh > Roses are red. Violets are blue. My Penis is huge, it touches my shoe.
by Nico June 01, 2004
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Used to denote when a comment has gone over someone's head. Onomatopoetic to the sound of an object moving past you at an accelerated pace.

Made even funnier when saying "woosh" also makes no sense to the person that earned the "woosh", thus making a combo that cannot be countered until combo-broken.

Sometimes typed as /woosh in an MMORPG setting, as if something making no sense to someone was an emote of some kind.
tofu: "I'd love to see a snuff film star named Gorey Feldman."
dahll: "What are you talking about?"
tofu: "Woosh"
dahll: "Woosh?"
grad-o: "2-hit combo!"
by tofubot July 10, 2008
This, along with the joke, had gone over your head.
You: It's not funny that's a serious issue!

Joker: WOOSH!

You: *Looks up woosh on Urban Dictionary*
by Your real name (i rebel LOL) August 18, 2011
A way of passing energy and showing spirit, oftentimes in a way that makes newcomers feel uncomfortable. An icebreaker that Jeff brought to the Whitney team on the first day of summer training in 2011. When someone introduces themselves, you must say their name back to them followed by the woosh. There is really no explanation for it, other than the fact that it's awesome and severely under appreciated by those not on the Whitney team.
Speaker: "Hi I'm Jeff."

Response: "Hi Jeff!" *clap* *clap* "WOOSH".

You have now been wooshed.
by dancinggurly08 April 21, 2012
1.(n) The sound something makes when passing by at moderate speed.

2.(v) To pass by an object at such a speed as to make a "wooshing" sound.

3.(n) The handle of some British idiot with a penchant for various acts of dumbassery and creating some of the most homoerotic sprite comics ever to grace the interweb.
1. The car zipped by with a woosh.

2. The car wooshed by.

3. I ran down woosh with my car.
by DPI March 07, 2005
To confirm a friends burn or comeback in an argument or battle. As to back him up.
by basebal4lyf March 09, 2011
Funniet motherfucker EVER
PMR, Sprite Pals
by THE FABULOUS CJ August 23, 2003
Extremly Fast; anything holding relationship to being fast. Originating from the film "Prefontaine", the term is most often used to reference the speed and ability of a competitive distance runner. Used as a compliment.
"Yeah, I won the cross-country meet. That's how woosh I am."
by Just2fast4words October 08, 2006

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