Sex machine. Better than you.
Girl- Its Woosh! Lets show him our bewbs."

Woosh- "Bewbies!"
by Adam! June 02, 2004
When you rub your hard penis on a womans breast. Equivilent to the word "titty fuck"
Josh: Yea I jus wooshed Alyssa in the changing room in body central

Chris: How was it?

Josh: It was a wooshing good time I'll tell ya that

by thewooshfather February 28, 2009
To completely miss the point of a joke that was brought up in conversation.
Jack: 'I don't get it'
Francesca: 'woosh'
Jack: 'oh, what did I miss?'
Francesca: 'only the best joke ever told.'
by PentatonicPringle September 14, 2015

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