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Used to denote when a comment has gone over someone's head. Onomatopoetic to the sound of an object moving past you at an accelerated pace.

Made even funnier when saying "woosh" also makes no sense to the person that earned the "woosh", thus making a combo that cannot be countered until combo-broken.

Sometimes typed as /woosh in an MMORPG setting, as if something making no sense to someone was an emote of some kind.
tofu: "I'd love to see a snuff film star named Gorey Feldman."
dahll: "What are you talking about?"
tofu: "Woosh"
dahll: "Woosh?"
grad-o: "2-hit combo!"
by tofubot July 10, 2008
a combination of snappy and jazzy. to show something's just too hip for one word to contain it.

usually used by soccer moms and people that like to use really lame adjectives to describe things because no one else will.
guy1: so, you like my new pants? i think they're snazzy.

guy2: really? i just think you're a twat.
by tofubot November 05, 2004
Going beyond the clearly marked limits of regular retardedness.

Strangly enough, only people without down syndrome or other mental handicaps seem to venture into this frightening territory of hardcore tardness.

term is derived from the adj. hardcore, which has been used to define a strain of more aggressive punk rock from 1978-98. However the term mutated to encompass other shitty genres of quasi-punk sounding bands. These bands are also labled as "tardcore" by bands who feel they don't fit under the hardcore lable. Especially since the scene is dominated by dick-wagging testosterone junkies who sneer at anything xenomorphic to them.

Behaviour, as well as music like such also classify as tard core. What a diverse term.
Bill: Dude, did you just eat the sandwich you put your pubes on for your little brother to eat?
Ted: Uh, maybe... wait... yeah!
Bill: You are so fucking tard core.
by tofubot September 18, 2006
combining the words "otaku" (as in someone who likes anime and sci-fi) and "convention" (as in a gathering of people under one base intrest... mostly nerds). the name of a conneticuit based sci-fi/anime/comic convention, that was used as the alias of Dr. Hal Emmerich in the metal gear solid series of games.

although otacon is an invaluable sidekick and amazing hacker for solid snake in MGS, he's a pants wetter and a bit of a crybaby.
guy 1: d00d LOLOMGWTF???!!!1111one! i'm lyk going 2 cosplay @ teh Otacon dis year LOLOMGWTF?!!!

me: really? i'm gonna sniff coke off the blade of a knife.
by tofubot November 04, 2004
1 v.) To explode in the most visceral/entertaining manner possible.

2 adj.) A childlike exclimation for describing blowing something up.
1) Guy:Heehee, his guts just went splodey all over her face.

2) Nny: WEEEEEEEEEEE, I have head splodey!
by tofubot May 28, 2006
White wine or champagne made dirty by adding olive juice. The drink came about from an episode of the cartoon "Home Movies"
"Time to forget the book and make some drinks of my own. Let's see, wine, olive juice, voila! The Dirty Frenchman!"
by tofubot June 12, 2009
an acronym for "Mouth to the Penis". made famous in the band Not Will Porter song "MTTP". Basically a term for fellatio.
Date: I don't know if i feel comfortable sleeping with you on the first date.
Dan: It's cool, you can give me a little MTTP in the back of your car and i'll still never call you again.
by tofubot April 01, 2007

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