interj. An expression of acknowledgement, agreement or excitement.
'Hey, I got tickets to the Muse gig next month!'
by Chris Ogden September 24, 2006
Derived from the "wooshers" several years ago in W. Orange, NJ.

"Wooshers" are those who 'wish' or in the v-language, "woosh".

What they wish for is just about anything, from getting leud to winning the lotto, they just woosh.
The Wooshers wooshed they had a man. They Jewannaman.
by The KOVA April 15, 2005
When Older Oh So Hot. The opposite of a milf.
Yo Matt, your little sister is such a woosh. She's gonna be banging when she gets into high school!
by steph August 08, 2004
woosh? It's woosh, what more do you want? It's like, oh yeah.

It's the bond between the K & the V!
K: woosh!

V: That's my word! We can share it though...
by V August 24, 2004
When a woman's menstrual cycle unexpectedly overflows into her clothes, unbeknownst to her. Creating public display of that she is on her rag.
Hey girl, do I have a woosh?

Naw girl you good!
by OOooool Red Zesty..... January 04, 2011
cool, awesome, chill
gabby and yulita are so woosh..
by gabbz and yultz April 09, 2009
Poetic genius, always making others smile. If I were'nt lesbian I'd want him.
Woosh > Roses are red. Violets are blue. My Penis is huge, it touches my shoe.
by Nico June 01, 2004

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