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interj. An expression of acknowledgement, agreement or excitement.
'Hey, I got tickets to the Muse gig next month!'
by Chris Ogden September 24, 2006
When Older Oh So Hot. The opposite of a milf.
Yo Matt, your little sister is such a woosh. She's gonna be banging when she gets into high school!
by steph August 08, 2004
When a woman's menstrual cycle unexpectedly overflows into her clothes, unbeknownst to her. Creating public display of that she is on her rag.
Hey girl, do I have a woosh?

Naw girl you good!
by OOooool Red Zesty..... January 04, 2011
Derived from the "wooshers" several years ago in W. Orange, NJ.

"Wooshers" are those who 'wish' or in the v-language, "woosh".

What they wish for is just about anything, from getting leud to winning the lotto, they just woosh.
The Wooshers wooshed they had a man. They Jewannaman.
by The KOVA April 15, 2005
woosh? It's woosh, what more do you want? It's like, oh yeah.

It's the bond between the K & the V!
K: woosh!

V: That's my word! We can share it though...
by V August 24, 2004
cool, awesome, chill
gabby and yulita are so woosh..
by gabbz and yultz April 09, 2009
Poetic genius, always making others smile. If I were'nt lesbian I'd want him.
Woosh > Roses are red. Violets are blue. My Penis is huge, it touches my shoe.
by Nico June 01, 2004