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Whipped but cooler. Made by Chandler from the most amazing show ever created ever.
Chandler: She's got you running errands, picking up wedding dresses... ha ha...WOOPAH!!
Ross: what's woopah?
Chandler: You know like whipped..WOOPAH!!
Joey: That's not whipped, whipped is wha-psh!
Chandler: that's what I did, WOOPAH!!
Joey: You can't do anything!!!
by Pardfon January 16, 2006
42 10

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it seems likely that this was born from a 'Friends' episode in which character Chandler Bing uses "WooPAH!" in a feeble attempt at replicating the sound of a whip. Thusly, one might say "woopah" when making someone or something their bitch.
you just won an argument over how to say a certain word in Klingon: "WooPAH!"

you just beat the guy in the next cube over for a promotion: "WooPAH!"
by sc January 05, 2004
47 21
A sandwich with meat, veggies and tomato sauce usually found in your imagination
My mom made me a diet woopah and it tasted like shit.
by shewolf123 April 11, 2011
15 7
kinda gay way to express the fact that you did something good in an online game.
Woopah!! capd yo ass busta!!
by kukel June 10, 2003
7 28