The polite form of "wanker"
1. Don't worry kids, he's just a total wonker.

2. Jesus, here comes that wonker, Kevin!
#wanker #idiot #fool #willy wonker #wonkervator
by Dee Cee 66 March 30, 2009
white bitch
shes a hoe

no shes a wonker
#hoe #slut #bitch #whore #tramp
by good boooooi June 24, 2009
A person who is outgoing,likes to have fun,likes chilling with fun people,does lots of stupid stuff for fun type of person.Often embarrases themself for fun.The type of person that people rememember(sticks out in the crowd).Aka the Crowd Pleaser!!
Jedd will do anything to make something fun.What a wonker!!
by *.*.* April 20, 2004
A particular type of male exterior genitalia, which has a circumference much larger in proportion than it is in length.
I saw a porn, and this dude's wonker looked like a 2-inch tall mason jar!
by jme May 24, 2003
Wonker: Derogatory word used to describe white people as being pathetic, worthless, boring, useless wastes of space. Used to make the white man a subordinate to all blacks, as if they are inhuman. Equivalent to a grown white man calling a grown black man "boy".

Wigglet: Smaller, more challenged, more unimportant version of a wonker. Less respect for them, not even from there own kind, i.e wonkers. Usually a child or mentally harmed/disabled.

This is the beginning stage of black youth controlling whites and soon taking over the world with other black leaders.
Khels: Hey Andre look at that pathetic looking wonker, John over there

Andre: Hahaha, no Master Chief #2, that there is a wigglet.
#cracker #honkie #white trash #wigger #nigger
by CheifMaster#2 March 08, 2011
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