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Wonker: Derogatory word used to describe white people as being pathetic, worthless, boring, useless wastes of space. Used to make the white man a subordinate to all blacks, as if they are inhuman. Equivalent to a grown white man calling a grown black man "boy".

Wigglet: Smaller, more challenged, more unimportant version of a wonker. Less respect for them, not even from there own kind, i.e wonkers. Usually a child or mentally harmed/disabled.

This is the beginning stage of black youth controlling whites and soon taking over the world with other black leaders.
Khels: Hey Andre look at that pathetic looking wonker, John over there

Andre: Hahaha, no Master Chief #2, that there is a wigglet.
by CheifMaster#2 March 08, 2011

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