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Gauge sex without lube.
I wanna wonk jarred.
by alex jarred josh December 10, 2007
to have sex / get jiggy with it / bow chica wow-wow
omgg they wonked!?

Wow, I really wanna wonk him!
by Kaka Shiit September 12, 2007

See also wank, dick, refrigerator meat club
Wow, my wonk iches liek a bitch!
by Lars Crizzaft August 26, 2004
The penetration of a Ditch Pig's carpet junk cousin.
I wonked that F###ing Ditch Pig in the Tradesman's entrance.
by Hung19812008 May 09, 2008
Marty, A gothic-ish boy who prefes the name wonk over charles and
'Hey charles! Looking preppy today'

'Call me WONK! and dude, I'm not preppy! I like evenessance!'
by Emmie December 13, 2003
somebody that has a wonky, or a screw on leg
alright wonks! your wonkalicious
by laura maldon December 12, 2007
a derogatory term for a black person, usually used in england
This wonk kept stealing my pud pud
by Crazyindy April 02, 2007