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Your Welcome
"Heres that cd you wanted."
by lomathson March 17, 2010
A person of no interest who has no interest in anything and leads a boring life where the only interest is money and the unnaturally selfish need to increase wealth.
Scrooge, Wonk
by Rogue7 February 02, 2010
An ugly troll looking bitch who wants your dick but, you don't like her, so she gets all of her friends to try and hook you up with her.
"Yo' John did that Wonk try and get her friends to convince you to go out with her?"

"I'm tellin' ya. The Wonk wants my dick and she can't have it."
by Loot3rdude March 31, 2009
The word used by chavs from remote Scottish towns to denote self-pollution.
"Ah fancied gettin' ma end away, but ma burd wiz oan the rag, so ah hid tae slide aff for a wonk."
by Pablo August 29, 2004
A student, male or female belonging especially to an immigrant family, who is constantly under the pressure of performing well in school.

See also nerd or geek
mike: yo ronny, why dont you ask kim out for prom?

ronny: nah man, shes a wonk... her parents wont let me!!! even if they do, she'll be studyin for a test or somethin...
by Shumyl August 26, 2004
english (uk) idiot... think wanker that can't get it right.
steve is a complete wonk.
by mrwilke August 24, 2004
"Know" spelled backward. It's the opposite of somebody who knows what he's talking about -- or someone who knows a subject forward and backward.
by Dan October 02, 2003