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A small town in Alberta, Canada. A place where legends are born.
Hey man, let's drive through Wetaskiwin!
#wetaskwin #wettaskwin #wettaskiwin #alberta #canada
by Jocelyn.the.Great April 26, 2010
Wetaskiwin is One kick ass city

when you go to wetaskiwin go to a Pawn shop
there are alot .. you can buy stuff that was stolen!
all the first Nations will fuck you up
never wear Native clothes
you'll be shot
go to the skate part were all the Gangs hang and Brag!
you'll get raped You should never fuck with these guys
Jim : i went to wetaskiwin and watched a guy get shot at the skate park!

tony : No way When was it!?

Jim : during the pioneer Days at the skate park!

Tony : No way im going to go there!
#wetaskiwin #fuck #noway #native #wonk
by Owner of pawnshop October 30, 2011
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