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The act of dancing to dub-step music.
Dude I feel horrible today...way too much womping last night at that Ghostland concert!
by Schlutty April 03, 2011
58 18
the act of bodysurfing shorebreak.

you get womped to the shore in the act.
the womp yesterday was epic. womping so tight dogg.
52 34
The act of making a song worse by adding dubstep wabbles into every break of the original song.
Dude i hate when people just go around womping all my favorite songs
by The Interpreteer April 29, 2011
27 19
To own someone or something in a competitive event.
I was hybridding at Mage bank and was womping kids.
by seshy12222 June 04, 2013
12 6
to exceed satisfactory expectations.
the film was womping.
by dan and ben February 09, 2003
30 33
(V) The act of acting neagatively in a situation where everyone else's view is positive or not problematic; the act of picking out the negatives in a situation, and bitterly remarking about them
Amy was womping about going to the party because she was tired and had other plans it mind, when in actuality, the party was bumping and all her friends had a great time.
by JJDICCKK December 07, 2009
9 19
the art of placing ones tongue apon a dogs anus and moving it around in a circlular motion.
i came home to discover my brother womping fluffy.
by deep seeded urban decay May 17, 2003
43 67