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A Wombie is special kind of genetically-engineered wombat, usually from Wombania.
You can never have too many Wombies.
by Binky November 28, 2003
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A term of endearment a twin (One of two offspring produced in the same pregnancy) would use to reference their fellow twin. Like a roomie(room-mate), but a wombie.
I love you too wombie!
by TDack October 29, 2010
a wombie is what you become when u start playing the popular mmorpg World of Warcraft(WoW)
a wombie is simple, a WoW zombie put together it makes, Wombie
"hey man what hapened to you friend Bob??"
"hes a wombie now"
"damn, their goes another one"
by Krazykevin August 01, 2006
An indian person; the dot on an indian's forehead
There are so many wombies living on my street; My zit looks like a wombie dot.
by Joe May 09, 2003
A follower of Wombism.

Wombism is a religon that worships Glozell and her Womb.

Glozell is the most bodacious one of all and everyone strives to be as bodacious as her.
Hey, what's that guy's religon?
He's a wombie.
by The Wombie August 26, 2013
Short derivative of WOMBAT. Derogortary term.
"you are a complete wombie"
by troppo February 02, 2004
Someone who wants to be a Zombie. They're 'Wannabe Zombie".
She's such a wombie. Only a wombie would dress like that.
by Wombielover69 July 21, 2011

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