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A cluster of molecules that form human female.
a woman, man and everything else are clusters of molecules.
by Karlovacko Drinker October 16, 2007
One of the most important molecules in male life. the other two are H2O and O2. It's a molecular formula of alcohol, more precisely ethanol, or drinking alcohol.
In other word, solution to all life problems.
c2h5oh is the solution to all life problems. according to Homer Simpson, it's also the cause of all life problems but that is debatable.
by Karlovacko Drinker October 16, 2007
Slunj is a town in central Croatia. It was built in 12th century around a fort of Frankopans, which was a military fort built during the war with Turks. It's also one of the rare towns in Croatia that was never conquered by Turks, unlike neighboring Cetingrad and Dreznik Grad. It's also famous for it's waterfalls, Rastoke, which are very beautiful.
It's also famous because it is one of the rare places on earth where 90% of 15 - 24 males drink alcoholic beverages on a weekly basis, while 50% of 24+ males drink on a daily basis.
Slunj is a great freaking town.
by Karlovacko Drinker October 16, 2007
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