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Wolves (Lupus) are the origin of the domestic dog (lupus familaris). They are in the same family as foxes, coyotes and dingoes but they are a lot rarer after farms were created. Once wolves lived with humans, helping them to hunt and guarding property, they became the hunted once farmers domesticated animals onto farms and found wolves to be a threat to their livestock.

The timber wolf, the native wolf became extinct in Britain in1680 (Although some stories indicate that the last wolf was killed in 1743 but this is unlikely as one wolf cannot live for 63 years) and recent reintroduction schemes have also failed in the Scottish moors. Britain is not the only place to be killing wolves off. America has pushed the once wide spread population of wolves through out the States back to ranges in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Canada. Wolves are also suffering in the eastern world except in Russia and Siberia where numbers are constant.

Wolves have a pack system that every wolf in the world seems to abide by; the alpha pair eats first and always lead the pack when relocating. The beta pair step in to the alpha’s position if something happens to the male or both of the wolves, they eat second and act as protectors for the alpha whilst they eat and put any wolf challenging the alpha back in line. The last of all of is the omega, this wolf is very timed and acts as a look out whilst the other wolves are eating and when they leave, they may eat the remains (usually stomach content.)

Wolves tend to hunt and feed on rabbits, elk, deer and sometimes on buffalo and moose. There has never been a report of a wolf that had not been suffering from health issue attacking a human, if wolves see a human they will always run. However, there have been reports of wolves eating humans that have died of other causes.
Can you hear the wolves howling?
by Henk winterwolf May 27, 2007
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The ancestor of our dog, the carnivorous wolf is also related to animals such as the coyote, fox, and dingo. Wolves are endangered, but humans are beginning to open their eyes to previous mistakes and helping wolves make a comeback. Wolves live in packs with a hierarchy, consisting of the only mating pair, the alpha male and female, followed by the beta pair to take over in case something happens to the alpha(s). The lowest in rankings are the omega. Omegas eat last and can be treated very poorly.
Wolves generally hunts rabbits, deer, elk, and sometimes moose. There has never been a recorded attack on a human by a healthy wolf in North America. Myths with wolves may have arisen when humans in witnessed wolves eating the corpses of other humans, who died of other causes. Upon sight of humans, most wolves will run.
There are many types of wolves, including grey wolves (canis lupus) and red/Mexican wolves (canis rufus).
How's that for helping with your report on wolves?
by Urban Dictionary July 26, 2004
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A person that is regarded as predatory, rapacious, and fierce. They normally stick to themselves but, if threatened or someone starts a fight with them in school for example. They won't hold back and will probably hurt you. They are normally gruff on the outside but can be overcome if you are nice enough to them. Usually very very strong. There are a few per school or office.
See that guy who just transfered here? They call him The Wolf of Mibu.
by The Dark One March 16, 2005
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Verb: To quickly consume
He wolfed down his food
by Lupis Lupine July 25, 2003
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A majestic, free-sprirted animal; A very depressed person that noone understands.
"Omigosh! That wolf is soooo beautiful!"
"Wow, look at that wolf, she seems so lonely, I feel bad for her."
by Cookie October 19, 2004
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A carnviore mammal that are ancestors of a dog that hunt in large packs with different ranks. They range in different colors, and could be found almost anywhere. However, mose people think that they are dangerous, and there hasbeen no reports of an attack, so people have hunted them down, making them endagered.
The wolves romped through the forest.
by Someone December 28, 2003
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one sexy animal!
A wild dog like animal that likes to hunt in packs, but now is being shot because some STUPID people shos a ton... The stupid people shoot them because they think they will attack you... THEY WILL NOT!!!!!!
I am SUCH a wolf...
like dogs...only more wild
by M. R. HEINLEIN October 24, 2005
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To eat greedily or quickly.
It's no wonder you have indigestion, wolfing your food that fast!
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
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