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The male equivalent of a cougar.

A sexy older man who looks like a fine piece of ass.

Similar to a DILF, but a little less vulgar since you think they are nice eye candy but you might not actually "like to fuck" them.
Dang girl, check out that wolf over there. He has the bod of a 20-year old Calvin Klein model....I'd hit it.
by LoveMeSomeWolf November 19, 2008
An extremely attractive, often lean and/or muscular man, who has the resemblance of a wolf-like creature: often having piercing eyes, the right amount of sexy stubble, and just enough chest hair.
Did you see that gorgeous hottie? He looks like a wolf!! Ahwooh!
by wolf_luva09 September 15, 2009
Canis-Lupis, member of the k-9 family, an animal that hunts and lives with packs. verry few survive in the wild today.
the wolves ran through the forest after catching scent of a herd of elk
by K-9wolf July 19, 2003
To wolf a beer is to drink one beer in one sweep with your head in the position of a howling wolf
Person A: Aren't you gonna start drinking that beer? We have to leave in like two minutes.
Person B: Chill out man. Imma wolf the motherfucker in one.
by WolfgangWed July 22, 2012
A wolf is the male version of a cougar. He is a middle aged man that is ruggedly attractive alpha male and usually preys on the younger defenseless animals. Generally has a very stylish appeal with slim fitting clothes such as blazers with an unbuttoned shirt and some light cologne. He has a very suave, charming and relaxed ambiance about him mixed in with a hypnotic yet aggressive/seductive gaze. Usual hunting grounds are places populated with young people such as bars or night clubs.
Girl 1: I went to the bar last night and this one guy wouldn't stop staring.
Girl 2: Was he cute?
Girl 1: Well he was an older man but yes. There was just something about him that pulled me to him.
Girl 2: Mmmmmm sounds like he was a wolf.

.Bradley Cooper looks like a wolf.
by OmegaO_o June 05, 2010
A protector of all he/she sees in need. Fiercely aggressive, will attack at first site of a threat, Does what needs to get done for the common good, isn't afraid to get hurt or killed in the process, usually works alone.
"The lone wolf."
Best known from "Training Day."
"To protect the sheep, you gotta catch the wolf. And it takes a wolf, to catch a wolf."
by iamawolf January 08, 2008
male with wolf-like features, when he finds a friend he won't betray them, a quote from wolf-'a wolf cannot be of two packs' ,very fierce fighter, sharp senses, but knows thier limits, killing demons is what he is for
he is so loyal he must be a wolf
by renn+torak June 20, 2010