In gay terms, a semi-hairy, gay male who needs to have a lot of sex.
Man, he sure is a wolf!
by RangeRumper December 29, 2011
1. A large canine that hunts in packs.
Wow, that is one awesome Wolf!
by Ecksbawks September 06, 2009
1. A person that is regarded as predatory, and fierce. They normally stick to themselves but, if threatened or someone starts a fight with them in school for example. They won't hold back and will probably hurt you. They are normally gruff on the outside but can be overcome if you are nice enough to them. Usually very very strong. There are a few per school or office.

2. A really awsome girl or guy. but if cornered can be really dangerous

person one: See that girl who just transfered here? They call her Wolf.

person two: why man?

person one: cause she's really cool but when trevor started beakin her she nearly ripped him apart
by this/war/is/ours March 15, 2009
The kick ass animal that I am obbsessed with.Related to the coyote, dingo, and domesticated dog, the wolf lives in a pack and will hunt together and live. A pack has two alphas, a beta, and other ranks. Yeah. They rock.
A wolf approched me, and raised his head of a black storm and let thunder be heard.

-Luka Thy Wolf
by I am Iron Man April 08, 2006
Ninjas of the woods.
"Wolves are the ninjas of the woods." -JS
by Jacory May 24, 2014
To go hard at something, to go all out and straight kill it.
EM: you gonna hit the gym bro
Z-nius kid: hell yea my brodda, I'mma go Wolf!
Chate': word, that kid Roach ain't got nothin on you
Z-nius kid: yess siiii
by Sn0wman_6 May 17, 2011
Uncommon name but if you find a Wolf dont let him go. Their the sexiest ass mother fucker you will ever meet. Dirty blonde hair (and past), blue eyes and huge dick.
Fugly girl: OMG that guys so hott.

Sexy bitch: you could never get him he's a wolf.
by HannahBanana May 08, 2014

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