1. K-94.3: Hudson Valley's best country music station.

2. Cool, hot, suave (preferred brand of shampoo), elusive

3. Gazongazilla with an attitude; feisty, aggressive flirt

4. Complete badass; doesn't run with "the pack."
Ex. Dolores, Muriel and Orgutha, who went on nightly howling rampages with their pack (of cigarettes) not only sounded like wolves, but were quite wolf when they hopped on board on a rousing rendition of "Crazy Train."
by Muriel Dolores (M.D.) April 05, 2009
a hairy muscular gay man that normally tops in gay intercourse; see also bear, cub, and otter.
Tim loves his fur and muscles, so he's looking for a wolf.
by Huey Rudder July 16, 2008
Badass. Someone who is 'wolf' excels in every situation, handles the business.
dm: Check out that sucka in the wolf shirt rockin a blazer.
mc: Dood thinks he's so wolf
dm: pwn3d!

by Ramreezy October 27, 2005
A lovely, fluffy giant husky. If you hate wolves, then you suck. Nyaaaah!
I happen to believe that chihuahuas and poodles are descended from rodents.
by Tianto November 24, 2004
The male version of a cougar. A man in his late 30's -50's who's still hot enough to pick up young women. The canine male version of the feline cougar.
check out that 50-year old walking of with that 25-year old hottie.
- Yeah, he's a proper wolf that one.
by kottsoppa November 12, 2010
The opposite of a human female cougar (a woman who stalks bars in search of younger male prey). The Wolf is an older guy, who stalks the clubs looking for younger women by vexing them with promises of fortunes, fast cars, and free drinks.
Girl: Do you see that wolf over there? He bought me like three drinks, lets see if we can milk him for more.
by Tall Hall February 19, 2010
A carnivorous animal. Domestic dog's ancestor.
Wolf: Not man's best friend.
by Skylar Skye October 07, 2009

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