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a small southern town, with about 62,000 inhabitants, is actually not as shit as the 2nd description.
cinema, pool in the park, 25 min train journey to LDN, supermarkets, shopping centre, theatre, colleges and schools are some of the greaaaat attractions.
yess, populated by a lot of chavs, but there are other subcultures within this town.

1: "where do you live?"
2: "wokinggg"
1: "ohh sick, its pretty cool there"
by artgeek March 18, 2009
An infamous large town in south east england famed for its chavs and possibly the greatest non-league football team in europe. In reality its quite cool and pretty chavless on the east side, but beware for there are many a chav on the west.
dude 1: "dude where are we?"
dude 2: "woking"
dude 1: "cool"
by jewishgoddess October 29, 2004