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a small southern town, with about 62,000 inhabitants, is actually not as shit as the 2nd description.
cinema, pool in the park, 25 min train journey to LDN, supermarkets, shopping centre, theatre, colleges and schools are some of the greaaaat attractions.
yess, populated by a lot of chavs, but there are other subcultures within this town.

1: "where do you live?"
2: "wokinggg"
1: "ohh sick, its pretty cool there"
by artgeek March 18, 2009
a complete and utter twat.
1: "have you met that new girl?"
2: "no, who is she?"
1: "oh dont worry, shes a right knobber apparently"
by artgeek March 18, 2009
the bit of your ear cartilidge that sticks out in the middle.

it looks GORGEEEEOUS when pierced, but is quite painful during healing
1: "did you hear about rachel?"
2: "no?!?!"
1: "she got her tragus pierced!"
2: "no way! i wanted that done"
by artgeek March 18, 2009
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