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A strange creature that inhabits the woodland areas where runners congregate. In it's younger ages it has an intense mullet which soon turns into a skullet by the age of 12. Sweats profusely. Hobbies include butsex, running, more butsex, and thwacking licorice.
deep in the woods:
kid: Dud, did you hear that?!
other kid: Yeah, it sounded like a...a.....a wodo!!!!!!!!!
kid: Dude, my anus hurts
other kid: thats the mark of the wodo
by the jizza July 14, 2004
Woden shops in canberra (Australia) as refered to by boys from Marist College Canberra, and some other teenagers.
"u gunna cut 2 wodo afta school"
by maristboy July 14, 2006
Woden, or specifically Woden Plaza, located in Canberra, Australia. This is the central gathering place of all Marist College Canberra students, who often go on a pilgrimage to Wodo on after-school hours, weekends, and on Business Studies excursions. This word is not exclusive to Maristians. Maristians are often known to "bum at Wodo".
Marist Rugbyhead) "Sick, after footy trainin' I'm gonna bum at Wodo"
by nathan192001 August 23, 2006
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