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1) A person who lives in the state of Wisconsin.
2) A person who grew up in the state of Wisconsin.
1) Some people think that just because I live in Wisconsin, that I'm a Wisconsinite. I'm actually from France.

2) Wisconsinites are the best.
by sporkeh November 18, 2006
Somebody who grew up in wisconsin and knows the wisconsin ways like drinking and partying.
A true wisconsinite, man or women, knows how to hold there beer and liquor.
by goldgirl94 January 31, 2010
The guy you fly by because he's going 50mph on the expressway, then speeds up to get next to you just to flip you off, and then complains to all of his friends that the FIB on the road was driving like a maniac, when in reality he was the one drastically changing speeds and causing road rage.
The Wisconsinite on the road this morning was driving like a typical cheesehead!
by CheeseheadDriversSuck April 06, 2011

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