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An art performed throughout the United States, but perfected in Chicago, in which a driver slows down for a stop sign, so not to appear to run it, but does not come to a stop, simply gliding through the sign at a slower pace than the speed limit.
A cop pulled me over this morning. I was late for work so I did a Chicago stop.
by CheeseheadDriversSuck April 06, 2011
A resident of the state of Wisconsin who participates in local traditions such as:

-Driving under the speed limit in the fast lane

-Placing a large wedge of cheese on one's head as to comply with local fashion

-Cheering for the most hated NFL team, the Green Bay Packers

-Complaining about the "FIBs" invading their towns and then rolling in all the cash the tourists bring

-Attending the local polka party

-Giving the finger to an out-of-stater for cutting them off and then doing the exact same thing to another person

-Complaining about how fast Illinoisans and Minnesotans drive when in Wisconsin, and then driving just as fast when in those states

-Eating the same dinner every night: A brat, some cheese, and a Miller Lite

-Cutting someone off just because they're from Illinois and then complaining when they get the finger for it
Cheeshead: Theese FIBs are invading our town! I wish they would go home!


Cheesehead: Man, buisness has really been down lately! I'm going to buy an ad on WGN to get some people to come up here!

(Repeat cycle)


Cheesehead: Why were you going so fast back there?

Chicagoan: I hadn't even accelerated yet. I was going 40 in a 55.

Cheesehead: Well, dontyaknow that's a little bit too fast! Go back to your home state and drive those speeds if you want!
by CheeseheadDriversSuck April 06, 2011
The guy you fly by because he's going 50mph on the expressway, then speeds up to get next to you just to flip you off, and then complains to all of his friends that the FIB on the road was driving like a maniac, when in reality he was the one drastically changing speeds and causing road rage.
The Wisconsinite on the road this morning was driving like a typical cheesehead!
by CheeseheadDriversSuck April 06, 2011

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