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Abbreviation of “watch idiot savant”—a term used by watch nerds to refer to themselves in all kinds of watch forums.

The typical way to determine if somebody is a WIS, is by loudly proclaiming that you are about to buy a <INSERT FASHION BRAND HERE> QUARTZ watch. A real WIS will furiously interrupt you, only to teach you three essential things:

1. <FASHION BRAND> is not a real watch brand. WIS will narrate a 20 minute story of horology and how the only watches actually worth buying are from Switzerland, Germany, or Japan.
2. Only mechanical watches are real watches—screw quartz! If you don't need to routinely adjust the time on your watch, you're not appreciating it's heritage.
3. WIS will advise you to start with a Seiko 5, now that you decided to start collecting watches …
IMHO, Tudor is a more understated choice than Rolex: You won't get envious views from your non-WIS co-workers when you're desk diving wearing a Pelagos.
by da_rob January 31, 2015
Adj. Describing a person,place or thing being both in the past and present. A combination of the words (was + is). Describing a Classic individual.
George Carlin wis the shit.
Bingstock wis the most fun I've ever had.
by Jonathan Michael Bingaman March 08, 2008
A combination of the words we and is. Pronounced wiz.
Wi's really pissed off that you gave us that test.
by One-Piec! February 17, 2008
Wis/Wisn't (wain't/Wain in extreme cases of verbal messup)

Contraction of Was and Is- used when you do not know whether the subject is in past or presant tense
Johnny came over yesterday and wis still here

Johnny came over yesterday and it wis fun
by $†?vø April 01, 2008
A thing or a person that sucks, or if something is annoying and a little bad.
1. Your so wis.

2. Teacher to Andrew: "You stink!",
and he gets a grade of 4.
Andrew thinks:"Argh so Wis!!"
by Andrew Mathiasen January 24, 2007
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