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Entry level position in the engine room of a Merchant Ship of the United States.

Duties include maintaining cleanliness of engine room machinery and gangways, bilge detail, and painting/chipping paint in the engineroom.
Mike served as a Wiper aboard a Shell Oil tanker for a few months before moving up to Oiler.
by DeepSeaSailorGuy May 14, 2007
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A girl with glasses gives head; the guy busts on each lens; the girl proceeds to wipe the semen off of her glasses in order to see by using her index finger to remove the vision imparing swimmers.
Girls with glasses are great; I love giving them the wipers.
by Scummable Thurgood March 31, 2005
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When you take a huge, pasty shit and your asshole is caked in your fecal matter resulting in the use of half of the toilet paper roll.
God damn that shit was a wiper. I had to take a shower after that one.
by Dynamo22 April 26, 2009
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A wiper is often used to describe the penis of a person who enjoys to wipe it across the faces of others.
Jimmy is always in trouble for having his wiper out and wiping Maratha in class.
by KiLlEdByArAyGuN March 26, 2012
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In the sport of paintball, someone who "wipes" the paint off of them if they are hit, in order to stay in the game.
Man, I know i hit that dude like 3 times!

Yea, hes a cheatin' wiper!
by Spyder November 29, 2004
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The person who is responsible for cleaning up the stars of an adult film. Normally this is the male dichotomy of a "fluffer"
---End of First Scene---
Director: "Hey, I need a wiper to clean up Jenna for the next set!"

Wiper: "yes!"
by BooDaddy August 05, 2008
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Unit of measure of mess in an infant's diaper, described by the number of diaper wipes needed to clean the baby's bottom, e.g. one-wiper, two-wiper, three-wiper, etc. Typically used by new parents. (With experience, parents become more efficient at cleaning bottoms and use fewer wipes.)
Is your son eating well?
I think so, he had a ten-wiper this morning when we changed him.
by Ceanothus March 07, 2004
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