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a fast talking asshole who's a pain in the ass and literally enjoys the putrid stench of gaseous queef emissions.
that guy's a giant queef sniffer, I think he was in my american history class last semester.
by ronnie_e May 16, 2009
a chicks ass that is round, ample and sticks out just the right proportionate amount on which you could literally stack books on
yo holmes, that strippers got a great bookshelf ass
by ronnie_e May 14, 2009
masturbation before hitting puberty. your body doesnt produce sperm yet so youre not shooting any semen during orgasm, hence not having to "clean up" any jizz after youre done.
I started jerking off when i was 8 years old. I enjoyed no clean up days up until i was 12 yrs old.

Goddammit, I didnt start jerking off until high school. i missed out on no clean up days.
by ronnie_e September 22, 2009
when you entirely peel a hard boiled egg and eat it while holding it in your hand a la jeremy irons in die hard 3 when hes talking to maclean right after he shoots samuel l jackson in the leg.
I'm eating eggs like jeremy irons
by ronnie_e September 22, 2009
a condition whereupon an uncut male fails to spend an adequate amount of time shaking the piss out of his dick, leaving it trapped under the foreskin. often creates a stinging sensation and/or a terrible warm piss smell.
Jesus my cockhead is stinging... I must have some serious piss dick going on!
by ronnie_e April 17, 2010
(aka NNS) universal odour of every african american. can be described as a combination of moth balls and cocoa butter.
BILL: hey gerry, we got a supply today...shes black

GERRY: goddammit, now the entire classroom's gonna dank of nasty nigger smell all week
by ronnie_e May 06, 2010
a relatively unattractive female considered hideous to even people with virtually no standards.
WILHELM: do you guys think my girlfriend vera is hot?

COLIN: you mean that hideous goblin over there?

CARL: dude, calling her a goblin is flattering, shes a fucking ugmo!
by ronnie_e July 29, 2010

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