As said by Charlie Sheen, WIN-NING
1. - to kick ass and take names in Hollywood while agitating the shit out of anybody that has to report on your rich ass
2. - having porn stars and nannies at your beckon call
3. - filler word when you do not know what else to say
4. - something you say to make yourself feel better
1. - victory over Vatican assassin warlocks
2. - something won: ratings, other people's pride, attention
3. - supplicant for being bi-polar
I fired ordinance from my fist. Winning!
by Pat E. McNastee March 04, 2011
The quality of being Charlie Sheen
Winning here, winning there, I'm winning everywhere
by bobsyourunclesdad June 16, 2011
To accomplish magical things that most people will never see in their boring normal lives, generally by: banging seven gram rocks (and finishing them), thus making Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them look like droopy-eyed armless children; having Tiger Blood; not dying; having one speed: go; and being proud of your drug usage, because it was RADICAL!
Interviewer: "Are you bipolar?"
Charlie Sheen: "I’m bi-winning."
by Mr Reklov March 14, 2011
A term, made popular by Charlie Sheen, used to describe succeeding in one's own world.
Person A: Hey man, what did you do today?

Person B: Well, I woke up, forgot to feed my dog, found out I'm back on my credit card bills, failed two tests at school and then I got pulled over for having weed. But I got laid by two chicks!

Person A: Wow, how you feeling?

Person B: Duh! Winning!
by Winning2.5 March 10, 2011
Something Charlie Sheen has said waaaaay too much recently
Winning. DUH.
by InfinityWolf March 09, 2011
Charlie Sheen, uh Winning

(used at the end of a phrase to show supremacy for being awesome, sometime proceeded with an "uh" or "duh")
Making $1.78 million per episode of "Two and Half Men", uh winning
by insertfatjokehere March 09, 2011
Charlie Sheen
Duh. Winning
by Team Sheen March 08, 2011

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