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Verb; See Charlie Sheen. To act as Charlie does. To snort cocaine, to be Charlie Sheen. To have fun. To be successful
Charlie Sheen: "I'm not Bi-Polar...I'm Bi-Winning."

“Scoreboard don’t lie, folks. I’ll be over here winning. Done. End of story.”

“Wow, WINNING! It’s all how you perceive it.”

“When I got ready, at a lightning pace – but, like surprise, that’s what winners do.”

“There’s my life. Deal with it. Oh wait, can’t process it. Losers! Winning. Bu-bye.”

“After I’ve won. Keep winning.”
by The Snides March 05, 2011
93 86
A phrase used by actor Charlie Sheen to describe a plethora of feelings and attitudes. Can be used for both expressing excitement and joy, or used to answer a question.
Example A

(Charlie Sheen receives a suprise)

Charlie Sheen: Winning!

Example B

Reporter: Are you bi-polar?
Charlie Sheen: Psh. I'm bi-winning.
by Trever Adams March 03, 2011
23 16
Something that awesome people do on a daily basis; If the person has awesome hair, they are considered to be doing this; If the person has multiple people, men or women crushing on them at once...they are partially winning.
Alex is always winning.

Alex's hair looks pretty, therefore he has achieved winning status.

Alex is never losing the game, he is always winning.
by African^____^dancer April 17, 2011
24 18
Being on the drug known as Charlie Sheen
I was bangin' 7 gram rocks, that's how I roll - WINNING!
by DragonSpawn March 11, 2011
21 15
An ironic display of triumph over a situation that is, in fact, partly or totally self-destructive or harmful.
Example #1: "My kid got into Harvard and it'll cost me my entire retirement savings to send them there. WINNING!"

Example #2: "I'm a reasonably decent actor with a fat bank account, but I've chased two wives and five children away with out-of-control partying, drug use and violence that's laughable for someone my age. WINNING!"
by PFabian187 March 07, 2011
22 16
What Charlie Sheen does
"The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.” -Charlie Sheen
by Viva La Stool March 01, 2011
35 29
Charlie Sheen
"Duh! Winning!" -Charlie Sheen
by NotWinning March 01, 2011
29 23