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1. A complete fucking train wreck of a person
2. To do cocaine or crack
3. To physically appear as if you could drop dead at any moment.
1. That bitch is a total Winehouse
2. I havent seen Angie but i know she is somewhere Winehousing it up.
3. Maybe if you didnt stay up all night drinking you wouldnt be so Winehouse
by RUFYO November 14, 2008
to die due to the fact that you have not drank in a certain amount of time. The actual length of time depends on how dedicated you historically have been to consistent inebriation.
"You ok? You seem a little... pale... and a little more on point than usual actually."
"I'm good and I have all this extra money somehow and I lost a few pounds. I haven't had a good time in awhile, but my physical appearance and wallet are benefiting. Wow, that was the longest sentence I ever said."
"Umm, who the hell are you? You better get yourself a drink."
"woah, a drink. I forgot about those. Its been 5 days."
"Hey man, get to the bar right now. You don't want to go and winehouse yourself now do you!!!"
~runs away
by msto August 05, 2011
To Winehouse: (verb) To die by drug overdose.
"If you Winehouse yourself I'll smack you upside your head."

by Mike The Dike July 25, 2011
a style of late night karaoke characterized by low raspy slurred speech and the occasional tourette-ish rant.
After a few beers Dave really winehoused "Desperado" at the bar last night.
by RahneeW July 23, 2011
to give someone an extraordinary quantity of house wine

to be the best drunk in the room
pippa was completely winehoused last night

adam is winehousing like a trooper again
by vikki fellows July 28, 2007

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