The act of consuming alcoholic beverages following a night of intense drinking in order to fend off hangovers, shame and feelings of impending death; typically occurs in the morning or early afternoon.
"dude, I am dying after last night, aren't you hungover?"

"Nah, I'm good, I've been winehousing it since 9am. Is McDonald's still serving breakfast?"
by lamaratl November 02, 2011
The act of singing Amy Winehouse songs sadly all alone when trying to mend a broken heart and empower oneself.
Anna: I feel bad the Tom dumped Mary!
Tasha: ME too! She has been sitting in her living room at the piano winehousing for a week,
by DWBB June 07, 2013
the process of dying or becoming ill as a whole or partial result of abstaining from alcohol consumption
Kitty: "I've been sick since Thursday. So sick. Blargh. Not had a drink since NYE. This is what not drinking does."
Matt: "Oh no, you're winehousing. Take a shot immediately!"
by Nikesitter January 05, 2014
When taking an obscene amount of different drugs at the same time. A reference to the great Amy Winehouse.
"Yeah, can't wait to go fucking winehousing!"

"Need to get my fucking winehousing on!"
by Lickquid March 10, 2008

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