When a man jizzes on the front of a girl's vagina and grabs his penis by the stem, wiping the semen back and forth and increasing the possibility of unwanted insemination.
"Man, I turned the windshield wiper on full blast after I spunked on her vag."
by C-Bass Clemens September 26, 2009
When you give your girlfriend a facial, and then proceed to wipe it off with your erect penis in a manner resembling a windshield wiper.
The splatter was too impressive. I needed to whip out the windshield wiper.
by becky mickckcialalakz\iz September 04, 2008
While two men are having missionary style sex, the receiving individual in the bottom position rubs his preferrably moist, erect member across his lover's belly in a sweeping motion, comparable to that of a windshield wiper.

The windshield wiper can also be enjoyed by straight and/or lesbain couples with the assistance of strap-on dildos.
Call the Mechanic! That windshield wiper only made things wetter!
by Spase Peepole January 29, 2004
When a woman is wearing glasses while giving you oral pleasure, she pulls your member out of her hot mouth and begins wiping it back and forth across her spectacles while you "NUT" joyously. Thus immitating the windshield wash and wiping actions.
Dude, Tom and Suzie were doing 69 when she gave herself the windshield wiper.
by Logan Bishop February 09, 2008

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