An absolute joke that is 7 times WORSE then Vista, hence the name Windows 7. It actually REMOVES features, it doesn't add them. Literally half of the features from Vista, including Windows Mail and Windows Movie Maker (and oh so many more) are not only not included, there not even obtainable. Microsoft replaced a few, but not all, of these programs with this new downloadable software suite called Windows Live Essentials, but its a bigger joke then Windows 7! The apps are not only inferior to Windows Vista's included apps, there inferior to XP's! I guess if you want to go searching for 3 days for a halfway decent, free video editor, you can do that, but why bother when you can just stick with Windows XP/Vista or get a Mac and not bother with bull like this. Trust me, 7 is NOT an improvement, it REMOVES features. I haven't even noticed a speed up, its exactly the same speed as Vista (which is fine, its not slow, nor was Vista). THIS OS SUCKS. I'm guessing its succeeding because unlike Vista, its technical requirements have been lowered dramatically, allowing it to be installed on some machines over 10 years old. This is the reason for its success, it works on systems so obsolete, they probably don't even have a DVD drive to install it! Rather then buying one, why not just buy a new computer? I highly recommend a Mac over a PC, but if you cant afford one, get a cheap PC and put XP or Vista on it. Trust me, VISTA IS A GOOD OS and even XP has alot of things Windows 7 doesn't!
Windows 7 User: Wow I love this new Windows 7, now I dont have to worry about getting E-Mails anymore! And look its got this awesome Windows DVD Maker software, but nothing to actually make the video files in! Oh my gosh its so much more advanced then Windows Vista. And its so much faster too, probably because half of the features are missing! Yet it still takes up triple the space of a Mac OS X install, and about 10 times the space of a Windows XP install, even though both of these OS's have more features!
by iBoy2G January 21, 2011
The contents of an unflushed toilet after an incredibly foul episode of explosive diarrhea. We're talkin' half liquid, half solid, splattered all over the toilet bowl, complete with oily discharge, a bit of blood, and some undigested pieces of corn. The maker of Windows 7 usually leaves it all in the pot unflushed and often without even any toilet paper - so you know they didn't wipe.
Unsuspecting Joe walked right into the bathroom only to discover that he was going to have to deal with Windows 7... so he plugged his nose, averted his eyes, put on the latex gloves, and tried his best to flush that foul shit down to where it belongs.
by win-doh!-s October 26, 2009
a 64 bit operating system created by microsoft that feels just as buggy and insecure as windows vista and xp. Despite having little to no backwards compatibility other than XP mode, it is bought up by pc gamers and mac haters who are only concerned with using their computer for games and business.

It has made little to no original innovations that do not feel like a macintosh (os x) computer, and is used as a tool to lure Apple users to convert to microsoft. It has nothing that convinces a true Mac user to convert.
Mac: Hi, I'm a Mac
Windows: and I'm a PC running windows 7
Mac: Hey, look, you're dressing like me.
Windows: Well, I thought if I looked like you people would buy me up.
Mac: Well, you made a very good try, but we're just not twins.
Windows: Well, turns out, we are too stubborn to change how we act, so

Mac: Face it, you look like me, but you're just not me.
by KTJDDD August 10, 2010
Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
Joe: Dude, I just bought Windows 7 today!!! It's sooooo much better than Vista!!

Jim: Man, you could have just downloaded Service Pack 2 for Vista. It's pretty much the same thing!

Joe: *sobs*
by withcheese March 17, 2009

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