An operating system that was not meant for server operating. It's a fine workstation if you have a recently made computer and windows xp. Windows 98 = HELL
The computer user paid $300 for the liscence for Microsoft Windows.
by MessedRocker December 17, 2003
another word for marijuana.
Where's the window at?
by bohemian August 02, 2006
A rarely used slang for methamphetamines, based on the term "glass."
"Hey, I'm coming over to pick up that windows disk."

"Bring forty bucks."
by Animus_Anima July 04, 2006
A stable OS
I use Windows and it never cra---*crash*
by BiGF00T May 27, 2003
The worst operating system in the world, that steals most of it's ideas from Mac OS X. Windows does not work, crashes, freezes, and just plain sucks dick.
Jay: Hey I bought Windows Vista today.
Matt: HAHAHA, Funniest joke I've heard all week!
by Drake Shipway December 24, 2008
I actually like Windows better than Macintosh. Maybe it's because the last time I got a Mac, it sucked like a bucket of shit. Of course, it's entirely possible that that was because I was using OS 9.2.
My old Mac was bullshit. I love XP, but despise '98, '95, '89 etc.
by Lieutenant Tarpit October 28, 2004
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