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A poser is someone who tries to fit into a profile they aren't. People who try to give off the impression that they are one thing when they are really another.
Also, a poser can be one who says they can do something that they can't.
Or more commonly, a poser is someone who, when doing something successfully, takes more than enough credit for it.
Lots of types of Posers, for example The guys who hang out with skateboarders but can't actually skate, even though they have a board.
by K~ August 10, 2003
The BIG reason noone wants to go to jail.
Freaky Big hick guy 1: You sure do have a purty mouth...
by K~ August 10, 2003
The day in which Tupac will rise from his grave and bring chaos upon the world... All Hail Tupac!
White boy 1: Wow I sure like Eminem and ja rule and all these other pop-rapers.
<cap cap cap cap cap/plow plow-plow plow PLOW>
by K~ August 10, 2003
Ezonics are a more recent creation of altering words with suffixes that cut off the end of the word, or simply a part being added in the middle to make it flow better. Usually suffixes/inserts include -izzle, -iz-, -eezy, and the like.
For Sheezy, or For Shizzle would mean for Sure. Off the Heezy would be Off the Hook. That Sizucked would be that Sucked. And so on and so on...
by K~ August 10, 2003
Another great American Passtime, Generally targeting baby mammals called seals and bludgeoning them over the head with some form of blunt object.
Other passtimes of the sort include kicking puppies, burning the elderly, or listening to eminem (the only one of which I wouldn't reccomend due to the high amount of cruelty to animals).
Eminem meks nasty freaky stangelove to 12 year old groupies while cascading numbers of men and/or women 'impale' his wife on their 'hot man spikes' (See Manloaf).
by K~ August 10, 2003
A company which strangely enough in a short period of time came out with the programs CE, ME, and NT.... which If you put together spell out Windows CEMENT.
Look mommy Bill gates is making fun of us!

He'll do what he damn well pleases johnny! Hes got enough money to personally pay off every one of the dodgers to come to our house and kick our asses.
by K~ August 10, 2003
Often used in phrases such as 'stay krunk' and 'these people are krunk', Krunk is a word used to describe people (generally) that are cool/down/keeping it real.
Stay Krunk Man, Peace
by K~ August 10, 2003
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