A nickname for a female (or male, if you're into that) that is prone to giving a lot of blowjobs. They also tend to be coaxed into giving blowjobs with relative ease.
When Dana goes out with all her girlfriends with significant others, she tends to get kinda windy after a couple drinks.
by Daddie February 01, 2007
Top Definition
The act of dropping one's trousers/shorts with the intention of exposing one's inner thigh's/genitals to the wind.
Usually done in hot or stuffy climates.
The result is probably the most refreshing thing one could do while sweating profusely

N.B. Can be an extremely risky action in crowded areas as one may be mistaken for a pervert.
Not recommended in public places.
Ex.1 - I was so hot in that sun I had to drop my pants for a bit of windies. I've never felt more refreshed.

Ex.2 - Sorry I had to leave for a minute, my balls were sweating so bad I had to find a secluded area for some windies.
by Bored in France June 13, 2010
Very outspoken, honest, caring, beautiful, and charming. Can be emotional or come off as rude. Is compassionate for earth and anything on it.
Man she was such a windy.
by shh2222 April 13, 2011
another word for cool
This party is soooo windy! I'm like not even playin!
by BLIZZIE &IZZIE June 11, 2006
How people from northern ireland say Windows.

I'll do your windies in wee lawd

That wee doll's a right windie licker
by clard November 01, 2005
Another word for being gassy or flatulent.
You wouldn't believe how windy I was this morning; I was pooting like crazy!
by Tender Taps May 21, 2016
The sexual act in which a partner inserts their penis into the other partner's anus, and the receiver passes gas while the other's penis remains.
Stacy, I'm so embarrassed! Last night Brian and I tried anal, and I accidentally gave him a windy. I don't think he minded though...
by Shelbiogirl January 10, 2015
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