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(Almost) Every race has a trademark laugh. This laugh helps identify friends in a social environment such as a chatroom, or people you need to lure to an alley and stab in the fucking colon for speaking like dumbasses (Insult their intelligence and/or kill them in the game).

Japanese - kekeke
Korean - kkkkkk
Brazilian - aheuahuahuaha
Spanish - jajaja
Arabic - hhhhhhhh

So what about the times, those ridiculously frustrating times when you can do neither to someone that laughs like a retard? Well fellas, I give you the perfect word to say in a situation like that. It guarantees confusion, concern, or causes uncontrollable RAGE.

The word is:

Carlos: Man, this music fills my eyes with tears.

Mandeep: Your Mom fills my balls with tears.

Carlos: Huh, how?

Mandeep: When she deepthroats my dick tears fall down her cheek and land on my balls, causing them to be full of tears.

Carlos: Jajaja you are such a fucker.

Mido: hhhhhhhhhhh

Juventino: ahueahuahau

Nagasaki: kekeke

Kim Man Suk: kkkkkkkk

You: wekwekwek

The others (together): wut
by Thunderized December 19, 2009
She was offering windies in Atlantic City for $5.
by Thunderized October 20, 2012
Too Cute For Public. This is sometimes used by a dashing Israeli law student to describe herself to strangers who she just met online.
Stranger: Why hadn't we met any time before?

Person in question: They were hiding me, because I'm TCFP
by Thunderized October 12, 2009
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