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A Wimblebum occurs when a female tennis player gets down so low in a squatting position for a groundstroke that her ass touches the grass court during her Wimbledon match. The term was originally applied during the 2013 Championships to Agnieszka Radwanska by Pam Shriver, the most annoying tennis announcer of all time with a story about herself or her kids every other breath.
Pam Shriver: "Look how low Radwanska is getting to hit those groundstrokes. She just touched the ground - yes, that's a Wimblebum!"
30 seconds later...
Pam Shriver: "I was just telling my kids that back when I won this event with Martina the ball would bounce higher than it does today."
Chris Fowler thinking to himself: "Why has ESPN not fired this broad already?"
by GoGators69 July 06, 2013
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