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Small ass town in central texas that consists of only one fun thing- the river. Tourist flock here for market days and locals barr their doors and windows.
Guy 1: "Wanna go float the river?"
Guy 2: "Yeah man, lets head out to Wimberley."
by MillaBee December 31, 2010
completely boring town in central Texas with two things to do smoke pot and swim tourists come and bother locals with dick head cops that will shoot you if you step out of your car near austin
A) hey im bored what do you want to do?
B) we can smoke or swim in wimberley thats it
by frozen vodka January 13, 2012
Awesome small town in central texas about 45 minutes southwest of austin. Many things to do - Blue Hole, Market Days, antiquing, shopping, hanging out. Best football team in the land! Best marching band in the land! Great place to raise your kids. Town has no Walmart, Home Depot or any 'big box' stores to change the flavor of small town life. Only one elementary school, only one JH, only one HS - no one messes with the Wimberley Texans!
If you want to raise your kids in an awesome community that is small but still near big enough cities if you need to go, live in Wimberley!
by crazymom18 December 07, 2011

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