Willa is an amazing girl. Born on the 22nd she's double the fun, double the beauty and has double the heart. She's always the one to party but also always the one to stay behind with you when you need her. Every boy wants her, but only one can get her. If you know a Willa, hold on to her no matter what, cause one day, you'll find yourself in need of that double heart.
boy 1: Oh hot damn look at her go! She must be a Willa

girl 1: Be a little smarter, be a little nicer, be a little more beautiful, be more like Willa
by praudmaud December 13, 2010
Someone who is insanely gorgeous, pretty funny and really cool. Can be a bit random at times, but definitely awesome.

A girl who guys like but stay a little distant.
Guy 1: "Man, Willa is totally hot!"
by annnyyyonnnyyymouuseeee October 05, 2010
The most amazing girl EVER! she has an awesome sense of humor and gives great advice, her boyfriend can be a total asshole sometimes but she still lvoes him because she is such a careing person. she takes such great care of her friends and they do the same cuz she is so amazing. she is also insanely spazztastic and will do the randomest stuff! she also loves dinosaurs and unicorns!!
Willa: hey lets go to an office buil;ding and eat food and listen to music!
Everyone else: umm why?
Willa: Cuz we can!!!
Everyone else: OKAY!! :D
by gingerhead March 09, 2010
a ridiculously cool person
who has a ghetto cell phone and likes to say yummy and boobs.
this person is never serious and is very very weird
so weird in fact she is well known under small secret cults in Tigard.
"wow shes definitely a Willa."
"look how weird yet awesomely amazing she is"
"yeah. its like sexy time"
by willafordfools November 08, 2007
Cork (Ireland) word which means 'will you'--->'will ya?--->'willa?'
1st person: 'I'm gonna go get a drink.'
2nd person: 'Hurry up so willa?'
by xxkrissxx September 07, 2007
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