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To steal someones girlfriend the moment they break up with them; the act of snatching up someones girl. Will'd.
Guy 1: Hey, We're through.
Girl 1: No way.
Will: Wanna go out?
Girl 1: Sure.
Guy 1: Wow, you just Will'd.
by 321464562 January 01, 2011
1.To be overly cocky and not Back it up.
One who is WillD is no longer themselves.
by hhfg June 01, 2006
Will'd: The victim of high level of trickery, involves being lied to,cheated on, or stolen from, any form of dishonesty and lack of self honor. Essentially its the modern day definition of being "jew'd"
ricardo: Yo I wasn't home man, I had to work

jarred: Well I had called from my cellphone, and you had

picked up and hung up when u realized it was me

jarred: ...

ricardo:... wut? (phone hangs up)

jarred:fuck, i just got will'd
by mazerrackham October 17, 2007
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