The position adopted when needing to pass solids but confronted with a fetid, overflowing and/or urine soaked toilet.

Derived from and identical to the stance of England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson before he takes a conversion/penalty, as in "to do a Wilko"

Commonly used in festival toilets, workman’s portaloos and developing countries.
"Horrid bangers and mash forced me to do a Wilko"

"Toilet seat soaked in piss? Time for Wilko!"

Wife - "How many times have I told you to put the seat up before you tinkle?"
Husband - "Don't worry darling, just do a Wilko"
by Pikmix February 27, 2007
A fat teenager that makes up a lot of nonsense. Usually lives in a council house and loves traction engines. A wilko's breath normally smells like rotten garbage.
'That fat kid that loves traction engines is such a wilko'
'Hey, that kid's breath stinks and he lives on Queen Street, he must be a wilko!'
by JimmyJimJimJim November 25, 2005
To be absolutly stupid, to be worse than a blonde.
Also you think you said something, didnt.
Oh my gosh, what a Wilko!

(Btw, the author just pulled a major Wilko. Dont ask..)
by Bubzie June 09, 2005
Derived from the name "Emma Wilkinson" and meaning a person who is incredibly jealous and/or disgusting.
Person: Eww, Jack is such a wilko!


Person: Don't be so wilko.
by chris March 24, 2005

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