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Hawiian for "Hurry Up!"
"C'mon! We're going to be late! Wikki Wikki!"
by Andrew Klock April 19, 2007
One clued-up cat. An individual with encyclopaedic knowledge.
That quiz champion is a real wikkiwikki
by SupaSpinal April 09, 2003
V: the act of giving a handjob, often in secret hoping for no one to notice. Can also be used when asking a prude if she has ever given a handjob.
We were in the top bunk of our friends beach house, and I totally wikki-wikkied him!

Wait... do you want me to teach you how to wikki wikki on this flagpole?
by TheWiseBitch April 18, 2011
Asian massage parlor slang for a handjob.
You want wikki-wikki if you don't have enough money for sucky-sucky.
by nowornever August 13, 2006
Noun, verb, but never an adjective, wikki wikki is a call used by a homedogg for the expresion of excitement, glee, or melancholy. It is most commonly used in awesome rap songs.
Wikki wikki, homedogg!
by Anna Boyd December 15, 2005