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ma main man homer who a call homedogg
ma main man homedogg
by steven sweeney July 03, 2004
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A term of endirement towards male peers of the same group/area/gang. Used to communicate "Brotherly love:.
Dave: "Yo, home dogg wazzup?"

Tom: "Nothin homie jus chillin"
by Mr Cassidy February 04, 2010
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'Homedogg' is a term used by members of the Harvey's Crew gang from the South Side of Ottawa to refer to each other.
"What's up my homedogg!"
"Here come the homedoggs, cut ya own logs."
by Murdah Platypus April 03, 2006
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A really cool friend from da hood. They usually use other words like weh and wikki wikki.
Chorkea is mah homedogg!
by Anna Boyd December 15, 2005
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