One clued-up cat. An individual with encyclopaedic knowledge.
That quiz champion is a real wikkiwikki
by SupaSpinal April 09, 2003
V: the act of giving a handjob, often in secret hoping for no one to notice. Can also be used when asking a prude if she has ever given a handjob.
We were in the top bunk of our friends beach house, and I totally wikki-wikkied him!

Wait... do you want me to teach you how to wikki wikki on this flagpole?
by TheWiseBitch April 18, 2011
Noun, verb, but never an adjective, wikki wikki is a call used by a homedogg for the expresion of excitement, glee, or melancholy. It is most commonly used in awesome rap songs.
Wikki wikki, homedogg!
by Anna Boyd December 15, 2005
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