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A guy who runs a "leaks" site, forever claiming moral high ground while chastising Amnesty International and blaming them and the press for not paying him an astounding $700k to conceal the names of civilians that will soon be dying (thanks to his not concealing them).
Wow, dude is simply a wikiDouche. When are his 15 minutes up?
by left coasty August 12, 2010
A person who engages in douchebaggery on Wikipedia or other wiki sites. The behavior is exhibited by both extremes of both vandals and editors.
That damned wikidouche keeps reverting my articles!
by D F- November 30, 2008
a collaboratively used douche; for use on many vaginas at once.
"Move over and let me use the wikidouche too."
by Grayson D April 01, 2008

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