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Wigging or The Wig is simply the state of an individual who is uncertain on 'what' is happening to them during the transition of apparent reality to the realm or identity of another reality. In short, it is You, the spirit getting back in communication with the Higher Self, all along protesting the Connection because You are trying to 'hold on' to your human valence. Just relax, breathe deep and focus on positive thoughts; love, peace, harmony, joy and serenity. When You connect the wigging will stop.

This usually happens with the use of drugs especially marijuana, LSD and mushrooms. However, this can happen to some people without the use of drugs.

May All Those That Enter This Way, Experience God.
Everything that is 'bad' during a high is because someone is focused on negative thoughts.

Mary, sits and listens to her heartbeat. It starts beating really fast and she begins to think 'I am going to die'. Her heartbeat gets even faster and she starts wigging about dying. Instead of relaxing she 'fights' it and decides to call 911. In which the 911 operator calms her down and the wigging stops.
by Matt Etweg April 25, 2010
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