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(Scottish slang)

A person that has done something wide, (inapproriate, shocking, uncalled for)
You spilt ma bucky ya pure wido!
by Portera June 05, 2009
Insult used by a ned to describe somebody of higher intelligence (Basically everyone).
Shut up man, ya wee wido.
by m0rphy August 12, 2004
ned's insult for someone smarter than them AKA everybody. when heated arguments or fights break out, the term wido is frequently used and although it is not harmful, hurtful or likewise, the neds think it's satisfactory in any case.
"ya pure hink yir gettin wide ya wdo, ah dinnea hink say ya wido"
by random_bulldog January 14, 2004
Derogatory, an Insult. Used by a Bam or Ned to describe he who is 'wide' (not physically), or a group of people who are wide, - 'widos'
A'm pure gonna deck you ye fuckin wido

Aye yous are like pure fuckin widos are yous, ye fuckin widos. Ken.
by Bamhunter December 09, 2006
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