Euphemism for being gay, after Republican Senator Larry Craig claimed that he was not gay but simply had a "wide stance."
"Hey, you got a pretty wide stance there - wanna come back to my place?"

"San Francisco is a place where a guy can widen his stance without fear of reprisal"

"I'd hang out at that bar more, but all the girls have wide stances, i don't think i have much of a chance with any of them"
by Larry Craig August 29, 2007
1. An improbable or rediculous excuse for one's actions.

2. A rediculous or unbelievable position
Larry Craig's wife swears she never knew her husband was a bathroom-trolling creep, but if you ask me she's taking a bit of a wide stance on that one.
by PatrickT. September 03, 2007
A surfer who lacks the appropriate balance required for proficiency, thus needing his feet to be planted wider than normal in order to not fall off the board. Usually a beginner or otherwise kook lacking style.
Look at that wide stance kook proning in the whitewater!
by brentmcd October 01, 2007
to expel excrement from the bowels via the anal canal; move one's bowels .
"I busted a wide stance in the Minnesota airport and things went terribly awry," said Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho).
by Mason Lerner October 01, 2007
Refers to the stature of a male who has an over-abundance of genitalia.
Of course he has a wide stance; he's packing some serious sausage between his legs. Dude needs room.
by Project ACB October 01, 2007
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