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A childish way of saying 'Little'
I'm a wickle bit drunk
by Ian Wornes May 03, 2006
a wickle is a shot of bourbon chased with a shot of pickle juice a combination of wiskey and pickle
(customer) ill have a shot of brokers with a valasic back
(bartender) oh you mean a wickle
by maxmorter July 03, 2012
Wickle is a a whip like thing used to beat bad southern boys.
If you keep misbehaving il have to pull my wickle out on you boy.
by Blowjoe69 January 07, 2015
the genital area of an underage female
Gary glitter says:let me tickle your wickle. little girl child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by stiff21 August 21, 2008
A yelling teacher who seems too want to hurt you.
That wickle! Everyone was talking and he just yelled at me
by Maddlyn March 23, 2006
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